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2016 LED Display Industry Market Trends

Article Source: Shenzhen TOPLED OPTOTECH Co.,LtdPopularity:3990issuing time:2016-11-28smallinBig

 LED has got widely attention and rapid development, because of its own merits. How about the LED display industry market trends? The analysis of 2016 LED display industry market trends can be seen as follows:

LED display industry rapidly booming up, but also formed a new stage of development. Specifically divided into three stages:

1, LED display utility model stage: The advantage of environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, high reliability and other characteristics are gradually highlighted. For the last stage, LED display market is just to meet people's needs,  but it can't meet the requirements, quality.
With the development of LED display, LED products have a new breakthrough now. At least it will be improved a lot than the previous stage and develope a series of products which are completely different from the traditional light source products. LED display will face a larger and broader development space. LED display is not only applied  in landscaping, but also in  people's life. Now the manufacturers  fight to the advantages of  design applications and technology research and development.
2, LED display intelligent control stage: With the progress and development of LED display technology, as a semiconductor industry, LED will also enter the new stage to play its high controllability characteristics. From home to office, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to walk, from indoors to outdoors,  LED display system will bring a higher level of human services. LED display industry will also be change from only providing products to design and the overall solution process.
3, LED display alternative acceptance stage: As the features of LED display product  are mainly reflected in the high efficiency (less energy consumption) and long service life,   so there seems to be some comparison for the price. customers have a process of acceptance in usage habits and appearance.Customers should understand the characteristics of LED display products, and select a long-service-life and energy-saving features. So customers are easy to accept its relatively high prices. Especially in the commercial environment, customers focus most of the quality.  Now the manufacturers are fighting quality and price advantage. Besides, the demanding of definition is higher, when the display refresh rate is insufficient, there will be scanning horizontal line, it needs to improve the LED display control system scanning outputting technology, so that LED display refresh rate is higher than the shutter speed of the camera in general , In the camera shooting to eliminate scanning horizontal line.
In summary, LED display is in a stage of rapid development and growth, I believe that in the future, LED display will be applied in more areas. While the market will emerge a wide range of new products in LED display Screen, and will provide consumers with better, more convenient, more energy-efficient LED display.

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