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Stage Rental LED Display

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Stage Rental LED Display

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TOPLED stage LED display can be cut into a number of video screen images broadcast, the screen can be independent, combined, any combination of playing background, large screen can be displayed according to the performance requirements of the partition, and graphics The background screen with the video signal processor to play or synthesis of the same screen display, the characters close play, do text scroll play, or insert play, the level of the video screen can also be up and down as text, personalized video Screen, lighting, landscaping stage background and stage the ground, through software design and system control to meet the requirements of the owners of other requirements. It equipped with professional video processing system to support a variety of signal on the stage to ensure quality, making high-fidelity video signal playback possible.


TOPLED stage led display function

    1. On air (live) broadcast, large, clear game live screen, breaking the seat restrictions, so that long-distance viewing performance easier, giving the immersive audio-visual feast; 

      2.  Wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, to create a mood background environment.

  3.  Vivid picture and the shock of the perfect combination of music, creating a magnificent, very modern scene


TOPLED stage led display feature

  1. High resolution and density

  2. Fresh rate >3840hz, high level gray scale, to display the content more vivid and attractive;

    3. With light control system for commercial led billboard display, Adjustable brightness according the environment light automatically, save the energy and cost;

  4. High quality aviation grade connectors,easy to identify for exchange

  5. Super thickness cabinet:65mm, CNC precision die-casting alumi cabinet , tolerance less than 0.2mm,special light-hidden design to ensure the level of each split cabinets, standard design can be combined in any shape. 

   6. Delicate hanging and the side lock components: high strength, anti-deformation andalignment accurate, seamless splicing, easy disassembly, saving labor costs;

   7. low power consumption solution, it would be deducted the power at least 1/3 for saving the operating cost;

  8. Provided the professional audio and video processing system to support the mulit-signal in the stage.

  9. Variouse types of flight case, easy to storage and transportation. Good protective function.

 10. IP65 grade Waterproof

   11. Customized LED display project solution according to the request and application condition.

TOPLED Stage led display application:

            •Mainly used in high level entertainment discos, large song and dance shows, fashion shows, outdoor advertising signs, building wall etc.

           •It is a multimedia LED display system that can create virtual scenes and vivid color effects, which is primarily used as the background of film studio and digital stage.

           •It is not only to install and dismantle but also competitive priced. Fits mass stage background making.

           •Our stage LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals, which ensures the quality from signal processing and make it possible to play high fidelity images.

            •The LED screen is controlled by two computers with duel cable features. When one computer fails, the other computer automatically takes over the work, thus ensuring normal operation of the display.

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