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TOPLED Teach You How to Identify Small Pixel

Article Source: Shenzhen TOPLED OPTOTECH Co.,LtdPopularity:4244issuing time:2016-11-28smallinBig

    2016 small pixel LED display products are a hot commodity. It can be equipped with more tidal current technology, applications are increasingly diversified, more and more user-friendly features. I believe this year it still will be popular. Therefore,in the actual purchase , what questions do customers should be focused on in order to meet the application requirements under the premise of achieving maximum utilization?

 "Low Brightness and High Grey" is a prerequisite
    One important criterion of high-quality small pixel LED screen is to achieve the "low brightness and high gray" technical indicators. In the actual purchase, the user can follow the "the more brightness level that human eye can recognize, the products are better" principle. The so-called brightness level refers to the human eye can distinguish the image from the darkest to the whitest brightness level, the more brightness level, it shows that the larger the color space of the display, display the potential of rich natural color is also greater.

    On the pixel pitch selection, pay attention to balance the effect and technology
    In practical applications, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher pixel density, the closer viewing distance.
    Small pixel LED display in order to achieve the best visual effect and the optimal viewing distance,  the user can make a simple calculation, there is an established formula, that is, the optimal viewing distance = pixel pitch / 0.3 ~ 0.8. The smaller pixel pitch, the higher cost. So in the actual purchase, the user should consider their own cost, demand, application and other factors.

     Resolution selection, pay attention to match the back-end signal transmission 
     For small pixel LED display, the smaller pixel, the higher resolution, the higher clarity of the screen. But in practice, users want to build the best small pixel LED display system, who should not only pay attention to the resolution of the screen, but also to match the back-end signal transmission products.

    Therefore, users should not blindly catch up with the trend while ignoring other factors. A set of cost-effective small pixel LED system is the combined of many factors. 

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