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The Three Factors Influencing Definition of Full Color LED Display

Article Source: Shenzhen TOPLED OPTOTECH Co.,LtdPopularity:4360issuing time:2016-11-28smallinBig

  With the rapid development of LED display,  the popularity of LED display products are greatly promoted the development of the industry, especially in the application of full color LED display . As we all know, full color LED full display is a carrier of advertising and information displaying. Therefore, the definition is a crucial factor of full color LED display. What are the influencing factors of full color LED display's resolution?

1, Contrast: Contrast is one of the key factors which affects the visual effect. In general, the higher contrast, the more clear and eye-catching images, the more gorgeous color. High contrast ratio is very helpful for image clarity, detail and grayscale level performance. In some black and white contrast text, video display, high contrast full color LED display outstands in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects. Contrast has a more effect for the displaying effect of dynamic video.

2, Gray Scale: The higher gray scale, the higher resolution and the gorgeous color. The control level of LED gray scale is 14bit ~ 16bit, making image resolution of high-end display products reached the world's advanced level. 

3, Pixel Pitch: The smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution. However, it must have a mature technology as support.Meanwhile,the cost and the price of full-color LED display rise. But fortunately, the market trend is toward the small pitch LED display.

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