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Larger LED display seamless technology for monitoring industrial area

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  As a modern video tool, large-screen display system has been widely used in various fields, such as large-scale telecommunication system, security monitoring, traffic management, production scheduling, power industry and other fields. Intelligent and integrated display system is a large-screen display of the development trend of the final display system performance will be optimized

  LCD display with ultra-light and thin, long life, low maintenance costs, low power consumption, high-definition, energy saving and environmental protection, the market share increased year by year. DLP splicing technology, due to the accumulation of industry technology and development of a long time, the advantages of patchwork so that it is suitable for applications in the stitching screen demanding industries. In the field of security monitoring large-screen mosaic wall project, companies will give priority to select the LCD splicing wall, because the LCD mosaic walls can not only meet the needs of continuous use 24 hours a day, and high-definition, wide viewing angle, use Long life, low power consumption, low heat, to meet the security monitoring applications.

Large LED screen is the most important and real effective to use in security industrial; the daily work platform of industry users and management platform, more and more widely applications in power industry, urban management, water conservancy industry, public display and other fields. With the continuous display technology and control technology integration and development of large-screen mosaic technology has been widely used in high-end engineering field, it brings large screen, multi-screen display and clear, realistic display makes monitoring, security , Meetings, simulation and other areas of the work efficiency has been greatly improved, while promoting the rapid progress of these industries technical level.

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