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Advertising Project Solution

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With the develop of times and economics, LED screen become the “ICON” of outdoor and indoor media advertising, full colour large led screen replaced the traditional advertisement and become the most economic, most attractive, various application billboard. Finally, let’s get to know the features and advantage of LED screen which made by TOPLED:

First, Features of LED advertising Screen by TOPLED:


       1. With light control system for commercial led billboard display, the brightness could be adjusted as the environment light automatically, save the energy and cost;

       2. TOPLED has designed a low power consumption solution, it would be deducted the power at least 1/3 for saving the operating cost;

   3. with high fresh rate and high level gray scale, to display the content more vivid and attractive;

   4. with ultra brightness, adjusting the color dot by dot, to display the content more colorful;

   5. The advertising content would be changed anytime, to service different client with different content with 24 hrs;

       6. With double cable hot backup function, two computer control one display in the same time, one computer will be replaced it when the another got problem automatically to ensure the led display works smoothly.

   7.  with high effective fiber transmission system, to reduce the signal delay phenomenon due to the far distance transmission, to ensure the display uniformity;

   8. All the information can be controlled by remote network, operating could be controlled by computer easily, to realize the advertising led screen network by cities and regions clustering.

       9. Assorting with the multi-function card we have supplied, to achieve the software control the display as ordered or personal power on and off;

   10. Led display complied with the environmental monitoring system, easy for you the know the operating condition at anytime, anywhere;

   11. TOPLED not only has the service to install the steel construction but also supplied the whole LED display system, included: control system, power supply, software, spare part, and install construction layout and other related services.

     12. Standard cabinet design, to ensure the cabinet could be used in various pixel pitches, easy to install.

     13.  Thin and light led cabinet to reduce the transport cost.

   14.  High level waterproof with IP65 grade, used in outdoor sites.

   15.  with internal anti-thunder equipment, to avoid the led display be lightning and burned. 

     16.  With double backup video control system, client can change into the backup system once any fault happened.

     17. TOPLED provides the related maintaining modularize spare parts, easy for after service and repair.

   18.  Customized the LED display project solution personal for each client according to the request and application condition.

   Second, The advantage of led display for advertising by TOPLED

  1. Application in single, multi-commercial center and the public area, combine as a unit in a city or even in the whole country.

  2. Large sized LED display with strong vision effect, vivid picture and video as a new sign of a place.

      3. HD medium sized LED full color display or message screen could be a media publishing network to spread in a boom street and community.

    4. Small sized led display, Strong penetration, network coverage, direct access to consumer terminals, low investment efficiency, good publicity.

      5. Self-made programs, real-time broadcast, rich content; not only advertising, as well as programs, including topics, columns, variety, animation, radio, TV.

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