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  • ask:How to ensure the efficiency application while splicing the LCD display?

    Does LCD display has temeperature scale request while splicing?
    Normally, the optimal working temeperature will be 0-40 degree.The thermotropic LC efficiency according to temeperature's change and photoelectric effect,if beyond the scale of temeperature, photoelectric effect will lose control,other problems will come out consequently.During the hard wheather condition, consumer should open the AC, set 25-26 degree.
    How to do while LCD display become chromatic aberration?
    Display preformance effect will getting worse according to your life span. because of the quality of different manufacturers and different products. And for this, most of the supplier will suggest to find the good after sale service manufactoer. Let the LCD display have "holiday" to keep a long life span.

    Is that ture for LCD display more thin more good?
    Related research shows that the thickness of large-screen mosaic reduced by 20, the response speed will increase on the basis of the original 35. But this does not mean that the LCD splicing products as thin as possible, thinner products will also bring some negative impact. The thinner the thickness of the product, the higher the manufacturing process requirements, if the production process, but not customs, not only the screen display color will become dim, its viewing angle will become smaller, while the probability of dead pixels on the screen will increase. So far, the industry has not a very good technology to solve this problem, so the latter part of the maintenance is very important, so the selection of light products, if the conditions permit, be sure to choose quality and after-sales service are guaranteed brand products .
  • ask:How to identify a qualified LED display power supply?

    • From the appearance of the power supply's process.

    • From the full load efficiency of power supply.
    • From the constant voltage power supply output voltage ripple. The size of the ripple of the life of electrical equipment has a very big impact, the smaller the better ripple.

    • The opearting temeperatue of the voltage.

    • Checking the voltage's phsical change while playing video and picture.

    • The life span of the power supply

    • Choicing different type power supply according the applications